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Common lssues

We are Problem Solvers

1.Too much to manage?

Receptionists & Dispatching

Professional, dependable & knowledgeable, we strive to make first impressions ones to remember with our expert-trained receptionists. Our dispatching software is specifically designed for moving companies to save on administrative resources.

2.Missing leads because you take too long to respond?

Live Answering

We pride ourselves on our efficiency & responsiveness, whether you need our services for text messages, emails, or social media channels such as yelp or Facebook, Your leads are pursued like our own, all live answering, any time of the year.

3.Too much $$$ to hire in-house?

Cost Effective

It is not an easy task to hire and train in-house receptionists, with MoveTruckMove, you can save on benefits, office costs, tax, insurance, and more! We move customer relationships forward so you can do what moves you.

4.Frustrating scheduling system?

Customizable Appointment

Fulfilling your business needs. We schedule your appointments according to your own appointment booking regulations, and we conveniently tailor to your own appointment booking rules so you will only have appointments when you want them.

5.Can't remember every detail?

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Our CRM system is specially designed to recognize repeated customers and to handle their preferences & questions. We also send out reminders for upcoming appointments so your clients are ready whenever you are.

6.Hard to chase every trail?


We value the importance of word-of-mouth advertising and after-sales service that generates loyal customers and increases brand value. Our team continuously asks for customer feedback and ensures no complaints are left unresolved.

Voice Demos

Hear it to believe it

How We Work



Your clients initiate a phone call, email or through social media channels to your business.


Our knowledgeable receptionist team will assist your client with their moving needs and answer specific questions.


We will book the appointments in for you to view in real time.


Complimentary dispatching software helps you assign just the right work for your movers.


Reminders will be sent out before appointments followed by after-appointment feedbacks.

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Proudly Serving the US & Canada

Serving Area


We are always here to answer your questions, if you don't see an answer to your question or want more clarification, just give us a ring.

Every moving company is different, how do you tailor to individual needs?

Before we get you started with our services, we work together to get a thorough understanding of your services, clientele base, serving areas, and client preferences. Each company has its unique selling points and it is our job to accentuate them.

What do I need to get started?

To get started, a thorough interview is conducted to fully understand your business needs. We are intuitive to specific business models and we will start out by molding our receptionist services, appointment booking systems & CRM to best suit your company.

What hours are your receptionists available to answer?

Clients can ring us anytime between 8AM and 8PM PST, need us beyond this time frame? Let us know and we can see what we can do!

How would you make sure calls are answered professionally?

All of our receptionists are fully trained before they handling calls for your company, and you can always listen to our recordings for the conversation of the customer service staff at any time.

How do you handle complaints?

We take notes of all complaints and your designated manager will step in for you as an effective mediator, you always have a final say in the way in which you would like us to handle complaints. We have extensive experience in this area of expertise. The professionalism and timeliness of our team will ensure your clients are satisfied.

Do you get overwhelmed during busy times?

Our team understands that it can become extremely busy, especially during peak seasons. With our robust appointment booking system and experienced receptionist services, we reduce business owner stress and feelings of being overwhelmed and strive to handle all appointments at a steady, organized pace. 

Why should I choose you?

Not all receptionist companies out there have the moving industry specific knowledge like we do, not only can we handle questions uniquely related to moving at ease, we also provide comprehensive appointment booking systems and strategies specially tailored for the moving industry.

Will receptionists make errors?

Nobody is perfect, but we are so damn close. In the rare circumstance of us making an error, just simply let us know and we will fix it in no time.

How do I access booked appointments?

We support all calendar systems you are currently using, although we have found Google calendar to be one of the most effective ones for moving companies. We are happy to integrate your existing calendars into Google calendar as well as our own booking and dispatching softwares, you are free to access booked appointments at any time through Google calendar.

Am I tied into an ongoing contract?

No - we require only one month’s notice to close your account from the date of your next invoice.

How do I contact you if there is an error?

You will be provided with contact infos to our managers and they will be able to assist you should you require any clarification or fixing.

Can I try out your service before I make a decision?

Of course - feel free to schedule a trial session with us, we are happy to impress you before you make a decision.

How long does it take to get started?

After our initial consultation, which includes some questions to answer and steps to complete the setup, we will get started with the training right away and we can start working as soon as the very next day.

Do you also take care of clients coming from websites/emails/socials?

Absolutely! We are experts at responding to emails and social media requests professionally and we thrive to retain any lead we get including but not limited to website chat plugins, Facebook messengers, wechat, yelp, WhatsApp, twitter, and instagram.

What other services do you provide?

We are not only receptionist ninjas, marketing and website development are also extremely necessary for moving businesses and we are happy to provide services on both the business and technical side. Feel free to let us know of any business needs you may need.


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