Upfront Rates

We post our low up front moving rates to save you time shopping for moving quotes. There is absolutely no hidden fees

  • Upfront hourly rate
  • Fixed one time charge on travel time fee
  • No extra charges for stairs,assembly or disassembly
  • Please notify us if you have any items over 300 pounds

Hourly Rates

A local move is one in which the cost of the move is charged by the hour (with a 2-3 hour minimum) in both Seattle Area and Bay Area, depending on the number of people employed on the move, plus the cost of extra services such as moving a piano, or any special items over 300 pounds eg. hot tubs Charges are based on the actual time on the job, depending on your locations, driving times and fuel surcharge may apply, Preparation before the move is your key to keeping moving costs to a minimum.

Hourly Rates

We only charge in 30 minute increments, most companies will charge for the full hour. For example, if your move is completed at 1:20 pm our clock stops at 1:30, we do not charge for the full hour of service. We believe customer care and satisfaction are our primary goal. Top priority to deliver an efficient and stress free move, at an affordable price. Each move is planned and tailored to each individual’s specific needs. Our staff is professionally trained to the highest levels of safety and quality to ensure a successful relocation each and every time.

Flat Rates

For long distance moving, we charge a flat rate, please contact us for more information.

For piano moving, we charge a flat rate, and we will send experienced piano movers, please prepare to provide us these key information if you are moving a piano: What type of pianos you are looking for moving? Eg. upright piano Where to where Total staircases (including outside and inside) in both loading and unloading address.

Moving and Travel Time

Travel time may apply depending on the locations that you are moving in both Seattle Area and Bay Area, is a flat rate fee based on the average driving time from the truck station to your area.

Why is travel time charged? To help compensate the time it takes our moving team to get from our lot to your home and then back to park the truck. They are working while driving to and from your home and must be paid. Your travel time charge is a flat rate and often covers less than the actual time it takes our men to travel. We cover the rest of the costs to keep a healthy balance between customer costs and worker satisfaction.

Travel Time Charge is a flat rate charge applied once to every move. Moving travel time does not include the driving time between loading and unloading. This time is included in your normal hourly charge.

A fuel surcharge may apply depending upon your location.

All moving times are pending upon the distance you are from your house/apartment to the moving truck, MTM suggest saving a parking spot for the moving truck. The closer you are to the front or back door, will save you time and allow the move to be more stress free.

Our customers are responsible for reserving a parking lot for our trucks. We are not responsible for the time it takes to walk your items to a far distance to where the truck has been parked. Our customers are also responsible to book an elevator; we will need to have it locked off with a key. (Without the key, the elevator will be continually opening and closing possibly damaging your items.